A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Manipulate art IN 3D(!) and find the circle. And do it before the timer runs out. Simply move the geometry around until you see any image of the circle and then click on it to score a point. Or... try and make something pretty and screenshot it! ;D

This game was created for the Ludum Dare 31 (December 5-8 2014) the theme of which was "one screen". You can check out the official entry here.

I took the idea of "one screen" to mean no screen refreshing. There is never any background drawing in this game, everything you do is indelibly etched and I never use a fill to remove anything that's been put on screen. You literally only get one screen, from when the program ends to when it starts.

"Each shape leaves a serpentine trail behind it. The effect is flabbergasting."

Mountain View

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Published 2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagsart, artgame, hiddenobject, Relaxing, Surreal, weird, zen

Install instructions

Simply download and unzip. I've put up versions without java bundled for quicker downloading. Try them first before the bigger versions and enjoy!


NORnS (21 MB)
NORnS (24 MB)
NORnS [With Java Embed] (147 MB)
NORnS [With Java Embed] (57 MB)